Inside Football: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Inside Football available on newsstands?

Inside Football is only available via subscription as sold by us. Because our publication is a newsletter format, it’s not available for sale on newsstands.

Is Inside Football available for download on my Nook/Kindle?

We are looking into the logistics behind publishing the newsletter for Kindle and Nook readers, but at this time, we don’t yet have that option available.

How can I subscribe to Inside Football?

Visit our subscription shop to view our packages and their respective descriptions, obtain the latest pricing, and to order. You do not need to sign up for an account to place an order.

However, we do recommend you do so as this will provide you with an order history designed to assist you with managing your subscription and your future renewals. If you cannot navigate the ordering system or would rather speak with a human, please call us at (732) 743-5694. We are usually in the office Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. ET until 5 p.m. ET. 

Why isn’t postseason coverage included?

Just as the team doesn’t charge season ticket holders for playoff tickets until they know they have a legitimate chance, we take the same approach with our coverage. Postseason coverage is a separate package available only if the Giants qualify for the postseason.

We produce one issue for every week the Giants remain alive in the postseason, and your subscription fees help cover the expense of producing these additional issues. 

How is the content delivered to me?

You can choose between print delivery or digital. Printed issues are mailed in a sealed envelope to the subscriber via first class mail (U.S. only). Digital delivery is e-mailed to the subscriber.

We are currently building an online repository where subscribers can also download their issues from a password protected area. 

Why should I subscribe when I can get the same thing for free elsewhere?

Actually, you can’t get the same thing elsewhere–if you could, that would be a blatant copyright infringement! Seriously,  Inside Football is devoted exclusively to the Giants’ coverage, unlike newspapers, which have a certain amount of space allocated toward their Giants coverage.

We get deeper into breaking down the Xs and Os and the business side of football than the daily papers (who have space limitations) and blogs. Our reporting is first-hand, fair and objective, and is not a rehash of what you might see throughout the papers and blogs. 

How does the Giants Country website fit into this?

Giants Country is owned by the Maven Coalition, the publishers of Sports Illustrated. The Maven contracts us to provide daily content to Giants Country, including multimedia. That content is available to all at no charge.   

I read the Giants Country website. Do I need a subscription to Inside Football as well?

That’s up to you, but we recommend it. The Giants Country website allows us to keep up with the daily coverage of the team both in-season and during the off-season. But the content found in our newsletters is exclusively for our paid subscribers.  

Are you affiliated with the Giant Insider?

No, we are not.

Can you help me get a message to someone in the Giants organization?

We’re not affiliated with the New York Football Giants. As such, we are not able to relay messages to their employees, players, or coaches.

Can I see a sample issue before I subscribe?

You sure can and with no obligation! Complete your request via this form and we’ll get you a copy of our latest issue. (Please, only one request per year.)

Can I place a paid/sponsored blog post on the Inside Football website?

We do not accept requests for paid blog posts.